Submitting a Logo or Artwork

This page explains how you can submit your own logo or artwork to engrave, what is and isn't suitable and what is considered regarding artwork pricing.

You can add your artwork for our inspection to the custom product of each type which I have linked below -

Alternatively you can discuss your requirement with us using the live chat in the bottom right or email us at

Logo/Artwork Size


Ideally Logo and Artwork files should be supplied in .EPS, .PDF or .AI Formats. These files are known as vector artworks and the beauty of these file types is that they can be scaled up or down to any size without losing any detail.


However if you are not into your computers then im probably talking a foreign language to you but never fear! a regular .JPG file will surpass, however they must be big in size. Unfortunately many images off the Internet tend to be too small or put through processes known as compression which reduces there quality, sometimes substantially making them extremely difficult to work with when it comes to converting them to something that can be engraved.

Generally .jpg Images of 1000 pixels or more are adequate, simple logos can be done with smaller but the rule fo thumb is the Bigger the better!

Engraving Images size example

Black & White Images


In order to Engrave the artwork must be Black and White Only, this is because the machinery can only engrave or not engrave an area.....there is no 50/50, there is no 'I will engrave this a little bit' you are either all in or nothing at all.

These are the Basic 2 requirements for Engraved artwork and logos

Summary -


We charge a Set up fee which is normally between £7 and £30 and is dependant on a number of factors
  1. How good is the source material
  2. How Complex is the artwork , a Simple company logo is easier than an ornate family crest for example
  3. How much work needs to be done by us - Can I pretty much process the artwork as supplied or do we need to redraw it almost from scratch?

These are the main factors concerning pricing considerations when it comes to the artwork or logo itself.


Note - We always try our best to make the artworks and logos as close as possible to the source material but occasionally some aspects need to be adjusted or simplified to cater for the engraving machines or item to be engraved.

The Good News for you as the customer is that  its a one off fee! That's right folks! We will add your artwork to our customer database and it can be used on any future orders you may have with us, you will only pay the cost of the item engraving itself there after.

Engraving Proof - 

For every job where a customer has submitted their own logo or artwork we provide an Engraving proof giving you piece of mind and a glimpse at our thinking and interpretation of your order. This is not a be all and end all and is simply a representation of the final product. Unless there is a major issue or problem which we will come back to you with, the discretion and judgement lies with the engraver on that job.

More Questions?

We hope this page has cleared some questions up for you and if you want to know more or have other questions we failed to answer then drop us a line using the Live Chat, Contact us form or by emailing us at and we will be pleased to help.