EnF Engraving is a Premium Personalised Engraving Studio. Founded in early 2018 by John Hedges, an engraver with thousands of engraving jobs behind him, he aims to raise the bar by offering detailed intricate engraving artworks on what are otherwise run of the mill items.

The Gift Engraving industry has been saturated by people and companies offering ever lower and lower prices to the point that better quality engravers are losing money as their customers expect more for less. However, there is an observation to be made about many of these companies, they are offering quite simple, clip art-based run of the mill engraving……. you see the work of one and bar a few you have seen them all, by which point it then comes down to price.

Here at EnF Engraving John is not going for the lowest price, instead he is using his expertise and experience to create high quality bespoke artwork on the same run of the mill items you can pick up elsewhere. All his artwork has been created in house, sometimes over a period of days, which means he can edit, modify, chop and change as we wish on a whim…. if customer feedback isn’t good on something he will dump it or change it until it is good.

He is open to experimentation and trying new things and believes there are customers out there that will pay more for something that is unique or feels some additional thought has gone into their order and it’s this market he is aiming for.

If you have any suggestions for future engravings or Anything you want to see added, then please contact us, and say and remember to check back occasionally to see new artworks and items.

If you have stumbled here looking for a gift, but can’t find what you are looking for on our site, you can try TheGreatGiftShop.co.uk, John does most of the engraving for them and they have a far wider range of items than us at much lower, run of the mill prices.

Enjoy your Stay

John Hedges

Founder EnF Engraving